Company Profile

BizNet was founded in 2012, is an interactive digital media agency that provides state-of-the-art service through a team of local professionals with the mission of delivering unparallel service and support to both Malaysian and International markets.

BizNet is a Malaysian based company resulting from a merger of several gifted and talented freelancers, which most of them have been in business since 2006. We are one of the rare Internet Services Provider who overlooks the Technology Bubble until the current pragmatic practice in E-Commerce development, throughout the process, and we have accumulated valuable experience in the industry. BizNet are dedicated to assist corporation and personal to leverage the use of E-Commerce in their business.

Since our establishment, we have rolled out “Value-added Hosting Packages”, “True Free Trial Concept”, has gained support from our customers. We are known for efficient yet friendly technical support. Our support team is highly trained professional with countless experience in the industry, especially for those who have little knowledge in IT.

There are still hosting provider activated new accounts manually at this moment. We can obviously identify the different of our capability in efficiency and technicality. We will ensure that our customer satisfy with our services before any commitment.

Our operation concepts are “High Quality Services”, “Reasonable Pricing” and “Excellent Product Stability”. BizNet are dedicated to provide and develop high quality & diversify network services to our customer, because we are BizNet.